The Ideal grade above was restocked, reblued, and recase colored back to factory specifications.

Restoration and sales of some of the finest L.C. Smith guns in the world!

All of Jerry Andrew's work is done to factory specifications using factory original parts.


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​​The last L.C. Smith Deluxe 20 gauge, unfinished as Charles Jared was working on this when he passed away. Gun is still in it's unfinished state.


     "So spoke with Jerry on the phone this evening and after a short conversation he explained what I needed to do to fix my LC smith. Wow! I can't thank you enough because after 30 min of some minor gunsmithing, my LC smith was fixed. He knew exactly what I needed to do!! Thank you Jerry ....."

                                                                   - Mike C. 

L. C. Smith 20 gauge field gun with a single trigger

L.C. Smith and Gun Works

​A repair of the lower finger

     "Jerry Andrews repaired my Smith in record time and used his parts to complete a professional job! I would recommend Jerry for any LC Smith work. He has the parts and knowledge to do the job. Jerry also got my safety to work and tightened my forearm."

​                                                            - dozanne