no additional charge. Wood repairs are made using Acra-Gel, the strongest bonding agent I can find for putting wood back together. Great care is taken while handling your shotgun. The repair of these guns is most important to me. It is something I know well, and I take great pride in making sure all work that leaves my shop is accurate and solid. I insist on using my patterns or your pattern if it's solid and repaired by me for running in the duplicator. I try to turn small repairs around the same week, as I work on those after shop hours. I also buy single guns as well as entire collections. Cash is paid. Please feel free to call me anytime to discuss any aspect of double guns or fly fishing!  (304)-843-1740 or (304)-281-5776

​                                                                                           Jerry Andrews

L.C. Smith and Gun Works

​​​I have been repairing double barrel shotguns since 1976, restocking over 300 L.C. Smith guns back to factory specifications, as well as A.H. Fox, Lefever, Parker and Ithaca double guns. I specialize in the Hunter One Trigger and Automatic ejector repair. I also work on any American double barrel shotgun. The rust blue and bone and charcoal case coloring is as close to factory colors as can be obtained. When receiving a gun for repair or restoration, all internal parts are cleaned if requested by the customer at